Payam Nowrozi, CEO of Sirjan Special Economic Zone

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Engineer Wafai, CEO of Sirjan Special Economic Zone, sent a message and congratulated the New Year and Nowruz.
According to the regional public relations report, this message states:
The wind of Sheba will blow
The old world will be young again
Nowrouz, associated with the sound of the bells of renewal and rebirth in the heart of nature, offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the depth of life and to innovate in our thoughts and actions. In these glorious and transformative times, let us begin the new year with a heart full of hope and energy, in which each day we take a firmer step towards greater successes and long-held dreams.
Dear colleagues, esteemed investors and honorable citizens of Sirjan, I wish you a year full of joy, hope and vitality with the arrival of spring and Nowruz. Have a good year

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