Solved the lighting problem on the Sirjan-Shahrbabak highway (in front of the special economic zone)

Sunday, January 28, 2024
The problem of lighting the Sirjan-Shahrbabak highway in front of the special zone was resolved with the cooperation of the region.
According to the public relations report of the region, following requests from the public and the expression of lighting problems in this area, an emergency meeting was held in the governorate of Sirjan in the presence of the distribution manager of electricity, traffic police, municipal road department and director of the Sirjan Special Region, and it was approved to solve the lighting problem. This axis should be repaired. At the meeting, the special economic zone agreed to purchase cables and connections worth 6 billion rials, and last week completed the lighting projects by purchasing equipment from the electricity department.
In this regard, Engineer Abbaspour, Deputy Director of Planning and Development of Sirjan Governorate, highlighted the importance of lighting roads and squares at night, and while thanking the municipality and business management electrical, as well as the cooperation of the special service of Sirjan. economic zone, he added: Considering that it is the entrance to the city of Sirjan And its brightness improves visual effects and prevents many dangers.

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