Holding of the first specialized labor relations meeting

Sunday, November 19, 2023
The first specialized meeting of the deputy for labor relations took place with the heads of work units and employment services of commercial-industrial and special economic zones throughout the country.
According to the region's public relations report, this specialized meeting was held on Qeshm Island in cooperation with the Deputy Department of Labor Relations of the Ministry of Professional Cooperation and Social Protection and the Secretariat of the Supreme Council commercial and industrial free zones for 3 days. Mojtabi Moin Waziri, Director General of Hormozgan Cooperation, Labor and Social Protection, presented at this specialized meeting a report on management measures and challenges in implementing obligations arising from labor law and organizational missions in free and special economic zones.
During this meeting, the judicial deputy of the general and specialized college of the Administrative Court of Justice declared that the regulations on the employment of labor, insurance and social security in free and special zones are linked to that of 30 years ago, and declared: specialized pathology as well as the documents and opinions issued by the Administrative Justice Court and the documents presented at this meeting confirm that the revision and modification of the letter of approval and of the above-mentioned laws and regulations are obvious and necessary, and it is necessary for those in charge to complete the necessary measures as soon as possible and submit the bill to the government.
During this meeting, he responded to specialist questions and questions raised by the heads of work units and employment services of free and special economic zones.
It is worth mentioning that at the end of the conference, in recognition of the efforts and good and favorable performance of the Department of Labor and Employment Services of Sirjan Special Region in providing specialized services to the community of workers and employers, a certificate of appreciation was presented.

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