The end of the operation to harden guest rooms in the region

Wednesday, November 8, 2023
According to the report of the Vice President for Construction and Infrastructure, taking into account the region's need for a well-equipped and modern guest house, its construction was included in the agenda of the resort management. As a result, two plots of land with an area of 560 square meters each were allocated for this work and construction work has long started.
With the completion of the 3,600 meter prefabricated metal foam walls, the curing operation has been completed. This operation was completed at a cost of 30 billion rials, and carpentry operations including facade, whitewashing and laying ceramic tiles will begin soon.
These guest houses are expected to be built on three floors with a capacity of 24 rooms and an area of 2000 square meters. This project will be implemented over 12 months at a cost of 300 billion Rials.

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