Property-related assets are organized

Thursday, November 2, 2023
In accordance with the visit of the head of the country's inspection body to Sirjan and the order of the head of the judiciary regarding the organization of customs warehouses and goods; The head of the special affairs inspection office of the inspection body visited the goods warehouses of the special region and participated in a meeting on the organization of goods.
Saeed Babazadeh, head of the Special Affairs Inspection Office of the inspection body, participated in a meeting in the presence of Qasim Mirzadeh, regional director, and Mehdi Mohtsham, head of Sirjan Customs, in the conference room of the region.
After learning about the condition of the real estate in the warehouses, he said: In this regard, these goods must be ordered and sold as quickly as possible.
Babazadeh said: The country's General Inspectorate exercises continuous and permanent control over these warehouses.

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