Interaction between the Ministry of Cooperation and the Supreme Council of Free Zones

Wednesday, November 1, 2023
According to Farine, Ali Hossein Raitifard, Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Protection, pointing out that there are more than 15 million and 500 thousand workers subject to labor law in the country, said: Workers are one of the main pillars of the country and play an important role in the advent of the Islamic Revolution and in the preservation of this revolution. Measures must therefore be taken to prevent any abuse of their rights. By selecting experienced managers at the national level, particular attention will be paid to compliance with the 51 articles of the labor code in free zones and the 203 articles of this law in mainland France.
Stressing that he tried to make the interaction between the worker and the employer a unified approach and regulate the pulse of the labor market, he continued: In free and special economic zones, inspectors of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare have their functions as in other regions of the country.
The Deputy Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, specifying that in 24 other free and special economic zones, decrees of labor managers and employment services have also been published, clarified: We are trying to resolve conflicts related to work. with the consolidation of free zones in the future, build and solve the problems of this zone.
Stating that strikes and complaints related to worker-employer conflicts declined by 14 percent last year, Raitifard said: "In order to create individual justice, we seek to dismantle monopoly and rent-seeking, and to this end , with the cooperation of Sanseh Organization, held tests We proposed different ones.
He emphasized: We also seek individual justice in the area of job classification, so that the difference between a simple worker and a skilled worker is determined in order to motivate the productive sector.
The Deputy Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Protection, specifying that this ministry covers more than 55 million people, recalled that until the end of the 13th government, more than 15 thousand people will be included in the plan job classification.

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