Opening of a permanent exhibition of regional products in the governorate

Tuesday, October 31, 2023
The permanent exhibition of products produced in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone was inaugurated in the governorate of this city.
According to the regional public relations report, more than 40 active factories are currently working in the region, and to showcase these factories, their products were displayed to the public in a permanent exhibition in Fermandari, Sirjan.
According to this report, Sirjan Special Economic Zone is the first special protected zone in Iran which, since Sept 1999 , with the establishment and opening of the Iranian Customs Unit in the region, its activities take the form of construction and warehouse operations. , goods transit, industrial units - It has started production, assembly and classification along with support, welfare and accommodation services. This area has an area of 1,370 hectares and is located at a distance from the Tehran-Bandar Abbas transit route and close to the airport of this city, it has the shape of a triangle.

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