District firefighters became members of the city fire brigade

Sunday, October 29, 2023
The consultation meeting of the fire brigade of the city of Sirjan was held in the presence of the fire chief of the special zone.
According to the region's public relations report, yesterday a consensus meeting of the city firefighters was held with the participation of the Sirjan firefighters and representatives of satellite towns, industries and mines, the Red Crescent and fire departments of special regions.
Reza Yousefi, Head of the Firefighting and Security Service Organization of Sirjan Municipality, referring to the sacrifices of firefighters and rescue workers, said: “The sacrifice is in the soul and soul of all those who carry out rescue work. ", is crystallizing and this spirit is undoubtedly commendable.
He continued to plan training courses and joint maneuvers to achieve a unified approach. He expressed the hope that such meetings can recognize the city of Sirjan as the first city to create the main and central core of interaction and cooperation, and that urban fire services, industries and mines, as well that the Red Crescent, as a coherent and coordinated humanitarian organization, will enter operational processes.
Ultimately, the Sirjan Fire Chief said: Presenting the views of colleagues in this area will help and further coordinate crisis management.

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