Hold a meeting of industry owners and regional managers.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

A meeting to discuss and review the problems of the industries located in the region was held.

According to the region's public relations report, along with the completion of equipment operations and the opening of the region's conference hall, a meeting was held to discuss the industries' issues. At the beginning of this meeting, which was attended by the directors and representatives of the factories and regional managers, Engineer Mirzadeh, regional director, explained the infrastructure activities of the past year. He said: The asphalt in the area has been worn down in previous years and the area has paved most of the major roads in the area at high cost, and this work is still ongoing. According to him, increasing the safety factor of the region is one of the priorities of the leaders, and in this regard, more than 120 CCTV cameras with artificial intelligence capabilities and virtual fences have been installed in the region. , which caused a considerable impact. increased security. He also mentioned the construction of a sports hall, the concreting of fences in the area, the implementation of the fiber optic project, the increase in environmental advertising, the modification of road signs, the establishment of hypermarkets and bakeries, road lighting, etc. . over the previous year and added: With improved infrastructure, the region is now ready to invest more and provide better services to industrial owners. Following this meeting, the managers and representatives of the factories expressed their problems and offered suggestions. It was decided to investigate the issues raised by the Regional Directors and announce the results. These meetings are supposed to be held regularly every three months.

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