Continuation of executive operations for the improvement and resurfacing of asphalt roads.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

With the end of the underlayment and bitumen operations, the paving of warehouses and industry began with an area of 60,000 square meters.

According to the report of the Vice-Chancellor of Civil Affairs and Infrastructure, this operation is carried out in the form of a project of improvement and paving and surfacing of the main roads of the special economic zone of Sirjan, thanks to the support of the Managers of the organization should carry out the projects in a reasoned way to extend the life of the civil works under the supervision of technical experts. In line with the respect of social responsibilities from the revenue source of Sirjan Special Economic Zone, it has been implemented in the region since last month after the selection of Sirjan Beton Rah Rah and Construction Company as the executor of the project.
Based on this report, the balanced distribution of services to all residential phases is the approach of the activities of the Deputy Director of Construction and Infrastructure Affairs in thezone.
   The main focus of this plan is on the residential sector, the new construction phases, then the industrial sectors, warehouses and other areas foreseen in the plan. We hope that with the completion of this project, the construction index in the area will be significantly improved and that large parts of the area will be outdated and freed from infrastructure depreciation, and that the ease of transportation will increase satisfaction. Residents and investors.

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