Start of road paving operations.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The bitumen spraying operation for the asphalt roads in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone has started.

According to the report of the Vice Chancellor of Civil Affairs and Infrastructure of the region, with the completion of road infrastructure works, the bitumen spraying operation for the 100,000 square meter asphalt area has since started. yesterday. This project is supposed to be completed in two months at a cost of 250 billion rials. Based on this report, improving road conditions and increasing resident satisfaction has been one of the most important goals of district managers when it comes to road asphalt. It is very important to create favorable conditions to facilitate traffic and to pay attention to the quality of roads, boulevards and streets in the region; Therefore, the implementation of such projects is very necessary. It should be mentioned that the infrastructure operation will be carried out for forty days and then will begin the asphalting of these roads, most of which are in the residential sector.

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