Participation of regional staff in the seminar on artificial intelligence.

Monday, August 14, 2023

The seminar "Artificial intelligence, how to use it in industries and mines" was organized by Sirjan Azad University.

According to the region's public relations report, a number of personnel from the region were present at this seminar, which was held yesterday in the hall of the amphitheater of the Faculty of Human Sciences with the presence of the heads of the offices of the town of Sirjan. Dr. Mohammadreza Kamrani, the instructor of this 4-hour seminar, first explained artificial intelligence and then explained its application in industries. He continued: Artificial intelligence in English, also called AI for short, is actually a technology that has the ability to think in some way. Of course, this ability to think is very different from what we call human thought, but in fact it tries to imitate it. He continued: Artificial intelligence will soon play a very important role in industries and all managers should know about it.

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