Why shouldn't the Ministry of Commerce be revived?

Saturday, July 15, 2023

From the perspective of many economic activists, relaunching the Department of Commerce is a strategic mistake the government should avoid.

According to EcoIran, one of the economic activists who believes the revival of the Ministry of Commerce is detrimental to production and trade, but Allah Afkhami Rad, CEO of the Kerman Development Organization and former head of the Development Organization of Commerce, told "EcoIran" that the government in one of the bills submitted to parliament Barde seeks to revive the Ministry of Commerce. He adds: "Believe me, it's a mistake, it's to the detriment of the people, it's to the detriment of the consumer." Every day we can reach the supply and demand system in our economic structure and use it as a system that can control prices and support the consumer at the same time; Let's agree that this is much more beneficial for the country than the revival of the Ministry of Commerce.
The engineer Afkhamirad underlines it: the creation of the Ministry of Commerce is a great obstacle on the road to economic reforms. Relaunching the Ministry of Commerce is a strategic mistake.
He says: If the government pursues economic reforms, the first step should be to prevent the creation of the Ministry of Commerce. If they establish the Ministry of Commerce, for another 10 to 15 years, the country will again be caught in the system of setting prices based on the opinions of government agencies, which will deter investment.
Afkhami Rad thinks production and trade should be together, we cannot produce in one machine and sell in another machine. Now it is believed that because the Ministry of Commerce has been merged with the Ministry of Industry and Mines, inspections have decreased and prices have increased. While this notion is completely false. The price increase has nothing to do with the Ministry of Silence. The price increase has nothing to do with increasing or decreasing the level of silence monitoring.
He adds: We made this mistake before the revolution. That is, since we created the producer and consumer support organization. We created this organization in the 1950s and started the issue of monitoring the prices of goods and services and caught the country.
Referring to the fact that the world has solved these problems, Afkhamirad says: In the world, they have come to the conclusion that this problem cannot be solved with the presence of monitoring devices, but the price is corrected in the system. supply and demand. If the price of a product increases, you have no way of reducing the price except by producing more.

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