Issuance of a permit to build a Razi glue factory in the zone.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Razi Chemical Company (Chesb Razi) construction permit has been issued.

According to the report of the Regional Vice Chancellor of Civil Engineering, the planning permission for the Razi Adhesives Factory in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone was issued on 20/04/1402 for plot number 110 with an area of 95,000 square meters and an occupied area of 47 thousand square meters.
Referring to the progress report of the project, Engineer Amirreza Ganji, CEO of Razi Chemical Company, added that with the establishment of special hangars and the implementation of electrification and piping of the facilities of water and backfill, during the last month, the necessary measures have been taken to equip the workshop on the project site by the company Ista. Banai Rasakh has been appointed as contract manager.
He continued that in the past two months, the design of the architectural plans for phases zero and one of the project and their approval for submission to the Deputy Technical Office have been completed. Also, the measurements necessary for the operation of the soil study were carried out, and subsequently, the revision of the topographic maps of the land and the determination of the amounts of the soil operations of the project were completed.
Along with other measures, the procurement of rebar and iron needed for the shed construction project has been made and, in this regard, the steel frame contractor has been selected and the sheds are under construction. construction in accordance with the contract to be installed at the project site after completion.
   According to him, the earth moving company has been selected and the earthworks will start on the project site in the coming days. Also, in the future activities of the project, the establishment of the foundation of the perimeter walls and the foundation of the sheds will be carried out.
Finally, he pointed out that, along with the measures taken at the project site, in order to supply and purchase machinery related to the production lines, the necessary consultations are underway with domestic and foreign suppliers.

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