The start of construction of the second floor of the office building

Monday, May 8, 2023
​Installation of the second floor structure of the Sirjan Special Economic Zone Administration Building has begun.
According to the public relations report of the region, due to the insufficient area of the existing office building and according to the request of the management of the complex, the construction of the second floor of the office building has been put on hold. civil affairs directorate agenda. Explaining the news, Mojtabi Mohammad Hosni, the region's assistant civil engineer, said: The drawing and design of the second floor with an area of 850 square meters began four months ago, and it was decided that this building would be carried out in three phases and for 6 months. In the first phase of this building, the construction of the structure was done in the factory and industrialization (LSF) and its structure was evacuated to the location of the office building. In the second phase, which started last week, the unrolling of the roof is done, and after that, the installation of the roof covering structure is on the agenda, and after that, the carpentry is done in the third phase. According to the estimate made by the technical office, this project should be put into operation by October this year with a cost of 85 billion rials.

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